Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mike Badnarik and Supreme Court

Austin – Former Libertarian party candidate for President and know candidate for congress in district 10 of Texas spoke on February 12th in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater to a mixed crowd of proud Texas third party voters, and numerous members of Texas Students Against the Death Penalty. In a symbolic and sympathetic move he signed a petition calling for a moratorium on executions. The event was organized by the We the People Foundation for constitutional Education and included the screening of a documentary by award-winning producer Aaron Russo’s “America…From Freedom to Fascism,”

TSADP will ask all the candidates running for Texas governor from every political party to sign the moratorium petition, A few months ago Musician, writer, Texas Jewboy and now gubernatorial hopeful Kinky Friedman signed TSADP’s moratorium petition in San Antonio. Mr. Friedman covered a wide range of topics spanning environmental issues (when asked what he would do about Hill Country Development he responded “Keep ‘em the hell out!”) to the growing topic of concern - a moratorium on Texas executions. The Kinkster said that his main concern was to focus and to be “Damn sure we won’t execute the wrong guy”. Mr. Friedman went so far as to boldly state he would find an alternative to Texas’ “Eject ‘em or inject ‘em” policy on the death penalty.
Presented with the petition, Friedman said, “I’ll sign anything but bad legislation” and in both a emblematic and Kinky move signed the Texas moratorium petition, proving that he’s proud to be a man of his word and his beliefs.

Pictures and video of Kinky Friedman signing the moratorium petition are on the website of TSADP.


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