Saturday, July 29, 2006

Comments from our readers!

TSADP will publish a selection of comments and emails we have received both in favor and against the death penalty. This one is from Verie Sandborg!
I've been following the Chicago Tribune articles. Thank you to the students and their mentors for their diligent efforts on behalf of social justice and repealing the death penalty.

Excerpt from a letter I wrote to the editor of the Chicago Tribune Magazine that was published October 14, 1990:

"Though I empathize with the families of victims of murders, killing the alleged criminal does little to further justice or provide protection. Killing--even lawful killing--engenders the habit of killing and a fearful brutalizing mentality within the culture. Future generations will look back at our resistance to cultural enlightenment with repugnance."
-Verie Sandborg

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Madthas said...

Undoubtedly, felons who commit heinous crimes deserve to be sentenced to death. There is no argument there. In my view, child molestors, murderers and rapists have forfeited their legal right to live in our society. It should be stressed that a gruesome deed must not be justified under any circusmtances; if a malefactor has had a difficult childhood this cannot excuse let alone justify his actions. This is irrefutable! As is well-known, psychopaths are usually cunning, insidious, manipulative, narcissistic and charming. Moreover, they are unable to feel guilt and remorse. Rehabilitation is effective in some cases but in most cases it does not work. Notorious felons are known to relapse into criminality upon release. Psychopaths can often deceive their psychiatrists because they are manipulative and shrewd. Therefore, capital punishment is the most effective punishment next to life sentence.

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