Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moratorium Now!

If you live in Texas, please contact your state senator and state representative and ask them to support a moratorium on executions. You can use our automatic email system (only for Texas residents), or you can find out who your Texas representatives are, and write them from their own websites or call them on the phone. If you live outside Texas, the best way for you to help us right now is by donating money for Lobby Day on March 13, so we can afford to bring some exonerated people to testify.

While executions have slowed in other states, the torrid pace continues in Texas. So far in 2007, there have been five executions in the U.S. and four of them were in Texas. Through March, there are seven more executions scheduled in the U.S. and six of them are in Texas. In many states, executions have recently been halted because of challenges to the lethal injection process, but not in Texas.

Nevertheless, we believe when hearings are held in the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee that we can convince them to support a moratorium. There are 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans on that committee. The chair is a Democrat. The last time that this committee was controlled by the Democrats, in 2001, it approved a moratorium proposal. We think they will do it again when they hear how Texas may have executed three innocent people: Ruben Cantu, Cameron Todd Willingham and Carlos De Luna.

Save the date of March 13, which is the date for the Death Penalty Issues Lobby Day and "Day of Innocence" at the capitol.

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Anonymous said...

To students of Texas,

I am also a student of texas but i disagree with you. The death penalty is a punishment, a punishment they recieved for being a disruptive to our community, society. The question you have to answer is God-forbid... If a love one was to die a brutal death and you find their killer what will you do? if you can really do nothing and forgive and wish nothing bad upon them, you are a religious person. But reality is that they won't feel 1% of whjat they did to their victim... they die with no pain the only thing they have in common with their victim is that they know their gonna die. If a family member killed someone i would answer the same Death Penalty.