Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jocks 4 Justice: Stop the Execution of Kenneth Foster. Jr.

We the undersigned are shocked that the state of Texas aims to execute
Kenneth on August 31 for the "crime" of driving a car. His 10-year-old
daughter will live without a father because of a law obscene in its
existence, and repellent in it's application.

In Texas, under a statute called the "law of parties," a person can be sent
to the death chamber even if they didn't kill anyone. Kenneth was 80 feet
away in a car with the windows rolled up when another person, Mauriceo
Brown, shot and killed Michael LaHood. The shooter then got in the car, and
Kenneth drove off.

Kenneth doesn't deny driving the car. He also doesn't deny having driven
around with Mauriceo and two other men earlier in the evening, when two
other robberies occurred, but no one was harmed. But Kenneth faces death for
being behind the wheel. No more. No less.

He has been on death row since 1997. That's 10 years, locked up for 23 hours
a day, with only one 5-minute phone call every six months.

We the undersigned call for a reexamination of this case, and hope that the
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, where Kenneth's final appeal rests, will
see that justice would be served by granting Kenneth a new trial.

Kenneth, in addition to being the father of a beautiful 10-year-old girl who
he adores, has become a writer, poet and activist on death row. And he
understands that the wheels of justice at times need some pushing to move in
the right direction.

"It's my belief that if this does not become a political issue," he says,
"then I have no chance."

Therefore, we lend our voice and our support to stopping the impending
execution of Kenneth Foster.

*John Carlos
*1968 Olympic Bronze Medalist.
1/2 of the immortal Black Power Salute
Olympic Project for Human Rights

*Lee Evans
*400 Meter Olympic Champion
Gold Medalist 1968 Olympics
Olympic Project for Human Rights

*Jeff "Snowman" Monson
*Ultimate Fighting Championship

*Dennis Brutus
*Former Director of SANROC (the South African Non Racialist Olympic

*William Gerena--Rochet
*Editor of

*Toni Smith
*Former member of Manhattanville College Women's Basketball Team
Famous for her 2003 on the court stand at the start of the Iraq War.

*Neil DeMause
*Co-writer* Field Of Schemes
*Doug Harris
*Executive Director
Athletes United for Peace

*Lester Rodney
*Oldest Living Sportswriter
Sports Editor
*Daily Worker*, 1936-1958

*Rus Bradburd
*Former Assistant Basketball Coach University of Texas El Paso
Author* Paddy on the Hardwood: Journey through Irish Hoops

*Dave Zirin
*Columnist for Slam Magazine
Author* Welcome to the Terrordome

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