Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In re: Troy Anthony Davis

Hello all,

All of you that know me, know that I am committed to the fight to abolish the death penalty. Even more than that though, I am committed to fighting for those that have endured grave injustices.

Troy Anthony Davis is my friend and I believe without a shadow of a doubt in my heart and soul that he is innocent. I have read the ins and outs of his case and all the legal documents regarding his case. In the last year and a half he has faced three execution dates only to have them stayed 24 hours prior, 1 1/2 hours prior, and 3 days prior to his execution respectively. He and his family have been put through hell each time. I was lucky, if you can say that, to be among those that protested his execution when he came within an hour and a half of death. I got to celebrate his stay with his family and pray with them.

Below is a letter he has written to me, which should explain why I feel so compelled to do any and everything within my power to help him from Indianapolis. Without some sort of intervention, Troy's life will end within the next two months.

Click on this link to send a letter to Governor Perdue.
If you wish to write a letter on your own, letters should be addressed to:

The Honorable Sonny Perdue
203 State Capitol SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Here is the Amnesty link to find out more information regarding Troy's case and to take online action for Troy.

Remember an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. One person really can make a difference. It is because of people that have acted out against this injustice that Troy is alive today.

For those of you in Indianapolis, Amnesty International plans on holding a nationwide day for Troy in the near future. For those interested in participating or helping to organize a rally in Indy please let me know.

Thank you all for taking the time to consider helping Troy.

Ashley Kincaid

Troy's letter to me dated March 10, 2009:

"Hello Ashley,

Thank you so much for your lovely letter. It was nice to hear from you. I pray that you, family and friends are all doing well despite the stress from the Economy.

Personally, I'm holding up okay. They have another execution tonight for Bob Newland. The Parole Board refused to hear his case.

How did your finals turn out? I'm sure you did well. Are you still having bad dreams about being in my situation?

Maybe you're worried too much about my situation. Read Mark 11:22-24. Positive thinking can increase your faith. Don't dwell on the things you pray for, just give them to God and believe He'll take care of them.

Congratulations of getting a perfect grade doing your paper about my case. Say hi to your classmates and Professors for me.

The biggest problem with my case is the Anti-Terrorism/Death Penalty law prevents my new evidence from being heard. I think the Judges know I'm innocent but decided to hide behind the law instead of helping correct this injustice.

As long as people are willing to stand up and fight, changes will be made to right every wrong. You'll be one of those people who force a change and soon. Keep learning, keep praying, keep believing and never stop fighting for True Justice.

I'm proud of you being a Straight A student. Your parents have done a great job and I know they are proud as well.

Don't let the road blocks of this System slow you down. Just push them out of the way. Fighting for what you believe in isn't easy and some of those close to you may disagree. Stand firm Ashley.

Your friend,
Troy D."

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