Friday, September 08, 2006

Austin Film Society Presents: THE TRIALS OF DARRYL HUNT

Darryl HuntWHEN: Wed Sept 13, 7 PM
WHERE: Alamo Drafthouse Downtown (409 Colorado Street)
COST: $6 / $4 (AFS / Student / Senior)

The human being seems hard-wired for revenge. You hurt my family, friends, or me, and I will hurt you. Legal systems have been ideally constructed to move beyond "an eye for an eye" to allow the state to intercede and seek revenge for the wronged parties, but sometimes an innocent person is swept up in this net, incarcerated, or even executed for a crime not committed. The need to find someone "guilty" can override the evidence, especially in a region in which a person’s skin color may increase the likelihood of a jury conviction.

Darryl Hunt is such a person. For nearly twenty years he was locked away in a North Carolina prison for a crime committed by another man. Filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg followed his story for more than ten of those years. Adding in news footage from his first ten years of wrongful incarceration, they created a gripping documentary that shows how an inept police department, a corrupt district attorney, and a handful of lying witnesses could legally "lynch" a young Black man and steal 20 years of his life.

Q&A with producer/director Annie Sundberg following the screening. Co-sponsored by the Austin Chronicle and the Radio-Television-Film Department of the University of Texas at Austin.

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