Tuesday, September 05, 2006

death penalty updates

The government should abolish capital punishment and accelerate development in island provinces throughout the country, the 13th Catholic Youth National Congress in Ambon says. "We renounce the death penalty because God has given life to humans so that they can live freely, and only God has the right to take (life) back, not fellow humans," Refra said.

Capital defense Weekly reports that "Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy has had surgery in Washington to replace a stent -- a device used to keep open a vein that had previously been blocked." Updated reports have Justice Kennedy doing well and he should be back to work quickly.

Check out Students Against the Death Penalty's new website (under construction) .

A Discussion with Jeb Bush on the Death Penalty by Abe Bonowitz & SueZann Bosler -
July 19, 2002 Counterpunch.com

Rwanda parliament to vote on abolishing death penalty

Zee News: Death penalty likely for 4
US soldiers

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