Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy Texas proves its worthlessness once again

Thats the title of a letter to the Editor published by The Herald-Argus:

Nobody likes Texas. Or, nobody should like Texas. Has there been anything worth merit to come from this backward state?

The most recent abhorrent decision made by these crazy folks is the execution of one Kenneth Foster (or, scheduled to be). Who is innocent of murder. As determined by the court. But guilty of murder. As determined by the "Law of Parties." This insane law states that if person A commits a crime, and person B is with him, even if B was unaware of what was happening, B is guilty of the same felony.

In this case, murder.

Foster was driving a car with Mauriceo Brown. Brown left the car, and ended up killing Michael LaHood. A crime which no one argued. Brown, before his execution, exonerated Foster of having any knowledge of the crime, and even stated that the crime itself was not premeditated.

But, since Texas is full of a bunch of crazy people, Foster is scheduled to be executed later this month.

Good game, Texas.

I vote we just give the cesspool back to Mexico.


La Porte

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