Thursday, August 30, 2007

Haramia KiNassor/Kenneth Foster, Jr. Transferred Clandestinely

By Walidah Imarisha

The indignities in Haramia KiNassor/Kenneth Foster, Jr.’s case climbs as
KiNassor was transferred to Huntsville Prison, aka the Walls, where the
executions take place. Death row Inmates are usually transferred to
Huntsville at noon the day of their execution. But because KiNassor has been
deemed a “security threat,” he was transferred early, without prior notice
to him or his family and supporters. In fact, it was through unofficial
channels that his family found out about the transfer; otherwise they would
have showed up at the Polunsky Unit for their last visit with him as usual.

At first, it was unclear whether or not KiNassor’s family and supporters
would be able to visit him tomorrow, but his father received a call from the
administration saying they would be allowed to visit at Huntsville, which is
45 miles from Livingston, where everyone is staying. Visiting starts at 8

This clandestine transfer comes at a time when KiNassor’s supporters are
still awaiting word back from the Board of Pardons and Paroles (He also
still has an emergency appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court). It was
originally thought a positive sign that they had not responded. Usually, the
Board summarily denies an appeal by 1 p.m. The fact that they chose not to
give a response today, and to wait until tomorrow, was taken to mean they
were intensely discussing this situation.

But in light of this transfer, there is a new theory: that perhaps the Board
of Pardons and Paroles has not responded to delay the response of KiNassor’s
supporters, both inside and outside the walls.

The DRIVE Movement, which KiNassor helped to found, is an organization of
death row inmates who engage in non violent civil disobedience to protest
the inhumanity of the death penalty. KiNassor is one of the spokespeople and
prison authorities are apparently very nervous that the execution of an
innocent man who has organized so tirelessly against the death penalty will
spark a protest in the prison they will not be able to control.

At this point, the officials’ motivations are all speculation.

What is known is that the same day KiNassor was being called a “security
threat” and transferred to Huntsville, 16 Texas state representatives
encouraged Governor Rick Perry, collectively and individually, to grant him
clemency. They joined the ranks of thousands of people around the globe
calling for KiNassor’s clemency, including South African Archbishop Desmond
Tutu and Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

What is also known is that KiNassor’s death is scheduled to be the third one
this week. First was Deroyce Mosley, with John Amador being executed today
at 6:20 p.m.

KiNassor’s supporters are asking everyone to act now, to organize all out
right now without waiting for a response as the hours slip away, and
pressure Governor Perry for a stay. Perry has the power to veto the Board of
Pardons and Paroles’ decision, regardless of what it is.

Perry’s contact information is:
Gov. Rick Perry:
Phone (512) 463-1782
Fax (512) 463-1849

Austin, Thursday, August 30, 5:00 PM, Governor's Mansion (Lavaca at
11th)?EXECUTION PROTEST AND VIGIL?Even in the eleventh hour things could
turn for Kenneth. If you can't make it to Huntsville, come out to stand
with others against the execution.

Thursday, August 30:
3pm-7pm: Protest the execution of Kenneth Foster Jr .outside the Ellis Unit
in Huntsville Texas. Groups from all over the state will converge to stand
against this injustice and demand until the very end that the State of Texas
do the right thing and stop this execution.

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