Thursday, August 03, 2006

Facebook group and prizes!

We are planning to double the members of our facebook group by end of August. Therefore we are giving away a prize named after Patrick Williams. The grand prize is one new iPod loaded with anti-death penalty music. Other awards include anti-death penalty T-shirts, DVDs, bumper stickers, books and etc.

Patrick Williams is the successful Managing Editor of Dallas Observer. In his latest article Mr. William’s gave us the idea of offering prizes. You can read about Mr. William’s by reading our July 20 post.

In order to be eligible to participate in this raffle you need to invite your facebook friends to join the SADP group. After you invite them send a facebook message to Hooman Hedayati and we will include your name in the raffle.

The winners will be selected in around three weeks during an execution vigil in front of Governor Rick Perry’s mansion in Austin by one of the protesters. The video coverage of the Patrick Williams Award will be available the same night in Google videos, Youtube and this blog. We will provide the names of the winners to the Dallas Observer and local media for possible news article.

Remember that you need to inform us after your invitation in order to include your name in the raffle.

Good night and good luck!

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