Friday, September 12, 2014

Poems from death-row

More several individuals have asked for the poems which were read at Willie Trottie's execution. Two of the poems ("judge ye not" and "good bye"), were written by Eugene Broxton (TX #999044), a close friend of T-Rock's. Eugene and T-Rock have been friends for many years (Eugene entered in 1992, and T-Rock in 1993. Both were convicted out of Harris County). Ker'Sean Ramey (#999519) wrote "stand up to injustice". Ker'Sean has been a friend of T-Rock's since he entered death row out of Jackson County in 2007. 
"JUDGE YE NOT" (Read by Auntie Cynthia)
Have you walked in the shoes
Of the person you judge,
Have you shared their most
Intimate thoughts,
Have you known of the tears,
The doubts and the fears,
Or the battle that person
Has fought?
Have you shared in the secrets
That lie in the heart,
When they don't understand,
They condemn off hand
But trusting in me,
Your eyes confide,
Holding nothing,
Telling no lies,
Then suddenly I was startled,
At my own reflection,
Your eyes mirrored
My imperfection,
So, who was I looking at?
Who did I really see?
Was it you?
Or was it me?
Or am I you?
And you are me?
Written by Eugene Broxton #999044 in 1996
"GOOD BYE" (Read by Momma T)
Saying goodbye is never easy
But moving on
We all must do
Going on with our lives
Not just talking about it
But seeing it through
Move on,
My love,
Move on,
And live,
You have,
Much more to give
Now it's time I must go
It's not easy to say good bye
But it's time
So I say good bye
Know my love for you is true
And as long as you live,
My love will be with you
Written by Eugene Broxton #999044 July 2010
"STAND UP TO INJUSTICE" (Read by Pat after the bell was rung 20 times)
Stand up to injustice,
and let it be known.
You will not tolerate it,
even from the king on his throne.
Stand up to injustice,
cause it could happen to you.
And then what would you want
the rest of the world to do?
Stand up to injustice,
in every shape, size and color.
Then come together to stop this
from going any further.
Stand up to injustice,
for you and for me,
'cause one finger can be broken,
but a fist can not be too easily.
Fight this injustice,
whether a woman or a man,
'cause separated we fall,
but United, We Stand.
Written by Ker' Sean Ramey #999519

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Oklahoma Execution Report Raises More Questions Than Answers

Five points by Gloria Rubac

1.  Oklahoma, like Arizona and Ohio who've also botched executions, are experimenting on how to kill people, using live subjects. Looking for the best kill methods on prisoners is WRONG!

2. An attorney for Oklahoma death row prisoners has filed a very detailed, 33-page lawsuit against the Dept of Corrections, the executioners, the doctors, the paramedic, the warden -- 14 people in all. There are eight specific violations of law they are charged with and with the sub-points, they enumerate 124 charges against the listed defendants who botched the execution of of Clayton Lockett last April.

3. The autopsy was done in Dallas and Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott ruled that parts of the results of the autopsy can remain a secret from the public, including the name of the doctor and paramedic and also where the drugs were bought. Gregg Abbott, who is runnig for governor of Texas, has received a very large campaign contributions from a Conroe compounding pharmacist.

4. Oklahoma's written procedures mandate the participation in each execution of a licensed physician. The physician's functions include insertion of intravenous lines into the condemned person and the performance of cut down procedures to gain intravenous access to the condemned person.

5. In a most ironic and factually absurd statement, the prison warden, Anita Trammell, told the investigators that Mr. Lockett was covered with a sheet to "preserve his dignity."

IV Misplaced in Oklahoma Execution, Report Says
By SEPT. 4, 2014

Jason Holt, left front, captain of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and Michael C. Thompson, the public safety commissioner, fielded questions on Thursday. Credit Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

An official report released Thursday about a bungled execution in Oklahoma in April says that an improperly placed intravenous line in the prisoner’s groin allowed the drugs to perfuse surrounding tissue rather than to flow directly into his bloodstream.

The report was ordered by Gov. Mary Fallin after the prolonged writhing and gasping of the prisoner, Clayton D. Lockett, during an execution that drew global attention to death penalty procedures and problems associated with lethal injections.

Because the groin area was covered with a sheet as the injections began — first a sedative intended to render Mr. Lockett unconscious, and then paralyzing and heart-stopping agents — the doctor and paramedic on the scene did not see the bulge, larger than a golf ball, indicating a procedure gone awry, said the report by Michael C. Thompson, the commissioner of public safety.