Monday, May 12, 2008

Protest at yogurt shop case hearing for Michael Scott


Wednesday, May 14th at 1PM
Travis County Courthouse Plaza, off Lavaca between 10th and 11th.

Things are heating up in the Yogurt Shop case! As many of you may know, long time CEDP member Jeannine Scott is fighting for her husband Michael Scott, who was wrongfully imprisoned for murder in this case. Several years ago, 4 teenage girls were murdered in an Austin area yogurt shop. 8 years and dozens of false confessions later, 4 young men were indicted for the murders. With no physical evidence, Robert Springsteen was sent to death row and Michael Scott given life. Two other men were not even taken to trial. The basis of the convictions were “confessions” from Mike and Robert, which have been shown to have been coerced Although both men refused to testify against each other, each of their so-called confessions were used in the other’s trial as evidence. It is on the basis of this misuse of the “confessions” that both men had their convictions thrown out and were granted new trials.

Mike’s trial was slated to begin in May, but has been postponed indefinitely, while new DNA testing is done on crucial evidence from the crime scene, some of which has already been shown not to match any of the men originally indicted.

Here is a good article outlining the issues in this case and the recent developments:

Jeannine Scott has worked for years on behalf of many cases including Rodney Reed, Frances Newton, and Kenneth Foster, Shaka Sankofa, Stan Tookie Williams and countless more. Let’s give her and her family the same kind of support now!

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