Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Photo of Greg Wright 15 Minutes After Execution

This photo of Greg Wright 15 minutes after his execution on Oct 30, 2008 in Texas is from Bente Hjortshoj. She is standing on the left. She wrote this caption to the photo:
"The first time we touched you were still looked at though you were just sleeping and would wake up was sooooo hard to see you like this though you were finally free..this is just about 15 minutes after the execution...sooo surreal....BUT dearest Greg.....Me and Connie kept our promise to you and for that we are glad...but it was tougher than we thought.... we did it out of love and respect for you!! LOVE YA LOADS!!!!".
Bente Hjortshøj has given permission for the photo to be distributed around the internet, "me and Connie decided to publish all pictures to show the world the cruel and unusual punishment and its horrible consequences".

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