Thursday, June 02, 2011

Texas: Summer Execution Countdown

Good grief!!! This looks like a crisis for Texas.

There are now
12 people, a full dozen, that have been given execution dates for this year.  And it is only June. We hope that all of them can get a stay, but the reality is that most will not.

Lawyers have told us that there are a number of men who have exhausted their appeals and dates could be set soon.  The US Supreme Court declined to hear Sarge Foster's appeal so he could get a date any time.

If you know of other dates, please let the Abolition Movement know at

Russell Brewer and Steve Woods are not on the TDCJ list yet but have been given dates. Randall Mays was just added.

#469                  06-15-11          John Balentine          999315            Black
#470                  06-16-11          Taylor Lee                  999344            White
#471                  06-21-11          Milton Mathis             999337            Black
#472                  07-07-11          Humberto Leal           999162            Latino
#473                  07-20-11          Mark Stroman            999409            White
#474                  08-10-11          Martin Robles            999457            Latino
#475                  08-23-11          Randall Mays             999535            White
#476                  08-30-11          Ivan Cantu                 999399            Latino
#477                  09-13-11          Steve Woods             999427            White
#478                  09-15-11          Duane Buck               999231            Black
#479                  09-21-11          Russell Brewer         999327            White 

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