Friday, June 22, 2012

Rick Perry Could Reach 250 Executions by End of 2012

250 executions under one Governor. It is an almost unbelievable number, but it could happen by the end of 2012. As of today, 243 people have been executed since Texas Governor Rick Perry took office in 2000. More people have been executed under Perry than under any other governor in U.S. history. One of the people executed under Perry was Todd Willingham in 2004, who was innocent. Rick Perry did not even consider pausing executions after it became apparent that an innocent person had been executed.
Currently, there are seven more executions scheduled in Texas this year, which would bring Perry’s total to 250. More executions could still be scheduled and some of the executions will probably be stayed.

Scheduled Executions

Scheduled Execution Link Last Name First Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth Race Date Received County
07/18/2012 Offender Information Hearn Yokamon 999292 11/06/1978 B 12/31/1998 Dallas
08/01/2012 Offender Information Druery Marcus 999464 11/20/1979 B 12/05/2003 Brazos
08/07/2012 Offender Information Wilson Marvin 999098 01/05/1958 B 05/09/1994 Jefferson
08/22/2012 Offender Information Balentine John 999315 01/30/1969 B 06/11/1999 Potter
09/20/2012 Offender Information Harris Robert 999364 02/28/1972 B 10/06/2000 Dallas
11/08/2012 Offender Information Swain Mario 999475 02/28/1979 B 04/08/2004 Gregg
11/14/2012 Offender Information Hernandez Ramon 999431 11/8/1971 H 10/21/2002 Bexar

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