Monday, October 07, 2013

Execution Watch: Michael Yowell, October 9

A manacled Michael Yowell is escorted to court

By Execution Watch
HUNTSVILLE, Texas - A man with a history of mental illness is slated to be executed Wednesday over the objections of his appellate lawyers, who say he wouldn't have been convicted and sentenced to death if his trial attorneys had represented him properly.

Michael Yowell was condemned in the deaths of his parents and grandmother in Lubbock, Texas, in May 1998.

If the state follows through with its intention to execute Yowell, Execution Watch will broadcast live radio coverage and analysis, including a recently recorded interview with him, at 6 p.m. Central Time, streaming at > Listen.

Unless a stay is issued, we'll broadcast live:
Wednesday, 9 October 2013, 6-7 PM Central Time
KPFT FM Houston 90.1 HD3 channel, and Online...
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MICHAEL YOWELL, convicted in a 1998 triple murder in Lubbock, in which Yowell's father, mother and grandmother died of injuries sustained before or during a fire at their home. Yowell's execution date has been delayed in the past, based on the contention that his trial lawyers did not provide effective representation. At the time of the slayings, Yowell had a history of mental illness.

Host: RAY HILL, an ex-convict and activist who founded -- and hosted for 30 years -- The Prison Show on KPFT. His internet radio show airs each Wednesday at 2 PM CT.:

Legal Analyst: JIM SKELTON, a legal educator, retired attorney and native Texan who has seen capital trials from both the prosecution and defense tables. Joining him will be Houston criminal defense attorneys SUSAN ASHLEY, LARRY DOUGLAS, MICHAEL GILLESPIE & JACK LEE.

Featured Interview: MICHAEL YOWELL, who accepted Execution Watch’s invitation to be interviewed, with the understanding that the audio recording would air unedited, in its entirety, and only in the event of his execution. The interview took place Aug. 28 on death row.

Reporter, Outside the Death House, Huntsville: GLORIA RUBAC, member, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement,

Reporter, Vigil, Houston: DAVE ATWOOD, founder and former board member, Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty,

On Oct. 16, Texas plans to kill LARRY HATTEN. If it does, Execution Watch will air coverage.

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