Sunday, September 30, 2007

Major cases before the Supreme Court in the fall

-- Guantanamo: Do the foreign nationals held at Guantanamo Bay have a
right to plead their innocence before a judge? (Boumediene v. Bush)

-- Voter ID: Can states require all voters to show photo identification at
their polling places ? (Crawford v. Marion County)

-- Lethal injection : Does an inmate facing execution have a right to be
protected against the "unnecessary risk of pain?" (Baze v. Rees)

-- Mexican prisoners: Can the president require states to reopen
death-penalty cases in order enforce an international treaty? (Medellin v.

-- Drug sentences: Can judges set lower prison terms for those convicted
of selling drugs, including crack cocaine? (Kimbrough v. U.S. and Gall v.

-- 401(k) plans : Can an employee sue to recover his money if his
retirement fund lost $150,000 after the plan administrator ignored his
request to move his money to a safer investment? (LaRue v. DeWolff)

-- Age bias: Does a fired manager who sues alleging age bias have a right
to tell the jury about others in the company who say they, too,
experienced age discrimination? (Sprint v. Mendelsohn)

-- Investor lawsuits: Can investors who lost money because of stock fraud
sue other companies that participated in a scheme to inflate earnings?
(Stoneridge v. Scientific-Atlanta)

-- Gun rights: Does the Second Amendment give individuals a right to own a
gun, despite a city's ban on handguns? (pending appeal in District of
Columbia v. Heller)

(source: Los Angeles Times)
h/t Rick Halperin

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