Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Texas executed Michael Richards

Shortly after 8 PM tonight Texas executed Michael Richards, despite his mental retardation and despite the fact that the US Supreme Court has said it will hear a Kentucky case challenging the 3 drugs used in the lethal injection procedure.
This is the 405th execution in Texas in 2007. There are three more scheduled for 2007 and two set for 2008.

More on this coming soon..


Anonymous said...

my son Karl Chamberlain has been given a date of execution february 21st, 2008

Hooman Hedayati said...

There seems to be a defacto moratorium on executions now. So god-willing he will receive a stay of execution by then.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the computer crash didn't happen in 1986 before he raped and murdered a beatiful person. Oh bit please let's all feel bad and punish the judge for not doing everything to help keep him alive. Give me a break. Grow up you idiots.