Friday, January 25, 2008

Five Minutes for Rodney Reed!

Free Rodney Reed Banner

Its been a while since we sent out a "five minutes for Rodney" action alert, but we hope to make alerts much more frequent.

We have a march for Rodney coming up in Austin on February 2nd. Rodney needs us to promote this march far and wide- we need a big crowd to send a powerful message to the Court of Criminal Appeals that we want a new trial now! Keep in mind, more publicity not only means a bigger march -- it means that more people get exposed to Rodney and the facts of his case.

What can you do? Please use the action alert pasted below to promote the march. How? - take it and paste it on your myspace page and then post it as a comment on your friends' myspace page. Please do this for as many of your friends that you can- especially your friends that live in Austin. The code for the banner is included below so that the banner can be part of the event announcement (for your friends that allow html code in their comments!).

Thanks! Please take a minute to let us know how its going so we can track how much publicity we are generating.

Free Rodney Reed!

Stefanie Collins

We Demand a New Trial for Rodney Reed!
March and Rally in Downtown Austin
Saturday February 2,
Starting at 12PM at South Congress and Monroe, Northeast Corner March to
City Hall Plaza
Rally at City Hall at 1PM (Lavaca and Cesar Chavez)

Featuring speeches from the family and supporters of Rodney Reed.

Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed’s case is in a critical phase, with the possibility of a new trial greater than ever. His case sits before the Court of Criminal Appeals (over which Texas' killer judge Sharon Keller presides) and oral arguments on the case are scheduled for March 19.

We need your help now to draw Austin's attention to this case and send a clear message to the Court: New trial for Rodney Reed!

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of media around the case. Rodney's defense has long posited that another suspect in the initial investigation is responsible. That suspect, Georgetown police officer Jimmy Fennell was recently indicted for rape and other charges.

Here is a good article on recent developments:

Rodney's case is currently in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and one goal of the CEDP has been to win a new trial. Your participation in the march is needed to bring us one step closer to winning justice for Rodney Reed!

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