Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Texas Jail Project Blanket Drive, January 2008

Cold cells, no blankets. Despite state law, that's the reality for many inmates in Texas county jails, like the seven below. Illness and depression are the results. Help us buy a fellow human being a blanket and send a message: keeping people cold is cruel.

Details of the blanket drive follow the quotes.

1. Angelina County
"My son is pretty tough but he said the cells are kept ridiculously cold, and they are not given adequate cover for sleeping."

2. Burleson County Jail
"My girlfriend is at the cnty. jail. The problem is that the temp. is at about 55 degrees....and she and the rest are freezing cold."

3. Cameron County Jail
"Since I wasn't suffering like the others, they would try to take the sweatshirt away every chance they had so that I could suffer too. Instead, I shared it with the other girls who were freezing. We took turns."

4. Dallas County Jail
"My sister was was cold all night long on the cement floor of the jail. She got so cold that she was still feeling chilled two days later. Due to Reynaud's syndrome, her fingers were snow white all the way to the knuckles when she was released and it took hours and warm water to return to normal color."

5.Harris County Jail
"The women showed me how to wrap myself in toilet paper, but we were still ice cold and catatonic."

6. Hays County Jail
"My friend was locked up in the Hays County jail where it was exceedingly cold with no hot water and no blanket. Is there somebody to report this to?"

7. Williamson County Jail
"He has been incarcerated in Williamson County Jail for about 10 weeks. He said that the jail is kept cold, at the most in the 60s, and the jailers sell warm clothes to the inmates who have money."

The Texas Jail Project Blanket Drive, January 2008
Please go to our website and read how we're going to deliver the blankets. Then click on PayPal and donate $12 for each blanket. One blanket will help but buy more if possible. (Or send a check to TJP, 1712 E. Riverside Dr. Box 190, Austin, TX 78741.)

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