Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Anti death penalty activist murdered

Dear Friends,

The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement lost one of our long-time members and an activist against the death penalty here in Houston, Texas. Diana Shorthouse was murdered a few weeks ago and leaves a beautiful daughter, Jolie.

The Abolition Movement will have a short memorial tribute to Diana before our May meeting which will be on Tuesday, May 6, at the S.H.A.P.E. Community Center, 3815 Live Oak. Those of you who knew Diana are certainly welcome to attend. The memorial will be at 6:30 and our meeting begins at 7PM.

For those of you from out of the Houston area, please consider writing a short letter to Diana's daughter, Jolie, who was left without parents after this tragedy. At the appropriate time we will give them to her. Right now she is in Child Protective Services custody but we are hoping that her godmother, Donna, will get custody of Jolie.

Letters can be sent to:
Abolition Movement
PO Box 595
Houston, TX 77001

Or, you can email them to:

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Unknown said...

Why can't I find anything about this in the police archives or the Houston Chronicle? I received an email from Diana's account informing me of her death and requesting a mailing address to send memorial info to, but it wasn't signed. I'm concerned for my friend and my daughter's playmate. I am also concerned for Tomas -- I cannot believe he would do this!!! Where is he and what's to become of him? How do I get info about them? How can I contact Jolie's godmother? How can I help?

Aly Harding