Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yogurt Shop Hearing Postponed, Again!

With so many postponed hearings, it looks like that there will not be a new trial anytime soon. Steven Kreytak of the Austin American-Statesman reports:

State District Judge Mike Lynch scheduled the hearing last month after lawyers for Robert Springsteen IV asked him to reduce Springsteen’s bail because of recently discovered DNA evidence that defense lawyers say exonerates the men.

Lawyers for co-defendant Michael Scott said they would file a similar motion, although they have not filed one yet.

Prosecutors have rejected defense claims that the DNA evidence disconnects Scott and Springsteen from the crimes.

Prosecutor Efrain De La Fuente said that the hearing as scheduled would be premature because prosecutors only recently received reports on DNA testing conducted by defense experts that would have been a subject of the hearing.

He said lawyers in the case will meet with Lynch on March 17 to determine when the hearing can be held.

“We are waiting to see what our expert has to say on it,” he said.

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