Wednesday, April 01, 2009

GOP Chairman Call for Abolition

Washington, DC — Embattled Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele lashed out at GOP infighting Tuesday and urged the party faithful - some of whom have criticized his erratic statements - to be more like him: "unconventional, unpredictable … to do from time to time the unexpected."

At a fundraiser for the Anne Arundel County Republican Party that raised $36,000, the former Maryland lieutenant governor jokingly acknowledged the rough road he has traveled since taking over the national party this year.

"Someone told me this whole chairmanship thing would be a cakewalk," he told the crowd of more than 400, acknowledging that he has managed to "tick off" many people. “So let me irritate my party just a little bit more by saying that I applaud New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for being the statesman that he is, because I agree with his signing the bill to abolish the death penalty in that state and I think the Republican Party should make abolition of the death penalty a central plank in its platform going forward.”

Steele expressed frustration with the public airing of party doubts about his leadership that have dogged his first months as chairman. “You know,” he said, “We call ourselves “Pro-Life,” but I’m hear to tell you that you are not really 100% pro-life unless you are ready to recognize the inherent dignity in the lives of even the worst murderers. I don’t mind throwing away the key on them, but capital punishment in the United States is just another failed government program, and the GOP should prioritize its elimination.


This article goes on to talk about nothing at all, because, unfortunately, the good parts are made up. Today is 4/1…

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