Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Letters to the Editor: Obstruction of justice?

The Austin American-Statesman has published several letters, including one from Allison Dieter of Texas Moratorium Network in response to Gov. Perry move to cover up the case of Cameron Todd Willingham.

Obstruction of justice?

Re: Oct. 1 article "Governor shakes up forensic agency."

The case of Cameron Todd Willingham is apparently scaring pro-capital punishment forces, including Gov. Rick Perry.

Why should anyone be afraid of the truth? Pulling off members of the Texas Forensics Science Commission just as they are about to review the evidence that an innocent man might have been convicted of killing his own children is a travesty.

Those who say that Texas justice is an oxymoron must be having a field day with this case and our governor's apparent obstruction of its progress.

Roger Olson


It appears that the execution of innocent people is a partisan issue in Texas.

Facing the possibility that he was indeed responsible for the execution of an innocent man, Perry has removed the members of a commission trying to get at the facts and replaced them with political friends who will reveal only what he wants them to reveal.

However, Perry cannot bury the truth. It is already out there for all to see. All he can do is bury his own political future.

Alison Dieter


With the recent shameful behavior by Perry — firing those who might embarrass him for executing an innocent man, which led to the canceling of the meeting at which a fire scientist was scheduled to speak about the Willingham case — isn't it time that Travis County, the so-called "liberal oasis" of Texas, show its reasoned sense of true justice by calling off the blood lust?

We are the last of the democratic nations to engage in this antiquated and shameful practice of putting people to death. Enough.

Sally Norvell

Alameda, Calif.

Packing the Forensic Science Commission with his gang to justify a possible miscarriage of justice is a classic Nixonesque act. Perry should be impeached and prosecuted for malfeasance of office.

I have lived through a dozen or more governors, but he is the worst by a mile.

Bob Bledsoe


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