Friday, January 15, 2010

Abolition Movement at Houston's 32nd MLK Parade

Fellow Abolitionists and Activists,

Here are details for helping the Texas Death Penalty Abolition movement with our outreach activities on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, Jan. 18.
Please email and confirm if you can come and join in the outreach for abolition. We need help from 8:30 until noon, both before and during the parade. Also please check your e-mail this weekend, as we may send you an update if we get more info.

It looks like the weather will be cool but nice on Monday and there should be a good crowd downtown. We need all of you to help us get the word out about fighting for abolition.

The Abolition Movement will have an entry in the Original MLK Parade, which is in downtown Houston starting on Texas Ave. in front of Minute Maid Park. Web site: This is the parade sponsored by the Black Heritage Society, the group led by Ovide Duncantelle, and is the peace and justice parade.
Just so no one gets confused -- you'll probably also hear about another much more commercialized and militarized parade organized by a different group on the same day, which will be on Allen Parkway -- we will NOT be there. We'll be downtown near Minute Maid Park.

The parade starts at 10 AM and we need help before and during the parade.

* 9:00 AM: putting up banners and signs on our vehicle (thanks for the van to Lee Greenwood and her husband, James). If you have a big photo of your loved one, bring it.
* 9-10 AM: distributing our winter newsletter and literature on Howard Guidry to people lining up to be in the parade.

* 10 AM - 12 Noon: Walk with our van during the parade, carry banners, and distribute more literature. Lots of people needed for this.

We'll be in one of the parking lots across US 59 from Minute Maid Park at about 8:30 AM until they tell us to go line up for the parade (probably about 9:00 AM or a bit later), after which we'll probably be on Texas Ave. or Hamilton. They don't expect to assign exact locations for this until Monday morning, so if you come late, call Gloria at 713-305-5346 or Lee at 713-373-2455.

Map link of the area:
If that link does not work for you, search for "Texas St at Hamilton St, Houston, TX" in your favorite online mapping program.

* suitable clothes for the weather -- dress in layers so you can take off extra clothes as it warms up, and remember you'll be outside for several hours. Wear your abolition / Death Penalty tee shirts over a turtle neck.
* a knit cap to keep your head warm in early morning
* at least 2 water bottles
* a tote bag and/or small backpack to carry newsletter, leaflets and water, etc.
* comfortable walking shoes -- you'll be on your feet for several hours
* food/snacks for the wait or what ever
* the cell phone numbers for Gloria and Lee in case you have trouble finding us Monday morning or have questions then
* a smile and good feelings to share with the crowd and each other

Go to the bathroom before you come -- porta-potties may not be conveniently located.

You can stash extra stuff (water bottles, jackets, lunch, etc.) in the van, so you don't have to carry it all day.

If you arrive before 9 AM, we think you'll be able to park for free in the parade float staging area (if anyone asks, just tell them you are with the SHAPE/Abolition Movement parade entry), in the parking lots on either side of St. Emanuel between Texas and Preston. So please come early and park there, which is also where our van and supplies will be until they have us move to the lineup location.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to others who might like to help us on Monday.
(Thanks to Bill Crossier for above info that he sent to KPFT volunteers and we adapted for our group!)

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