Sunday, June 27, 2010

Death Penalty Free Austin Campaign

Meeting to launch the Death Penalty Free Austin Campaign!
Wednesday, June 30 at 7PM
Carver Library Meeting Room 1, Rosewood and Angelina

All groups and individuals opposed to the death penalty: COME TO THIS MEETING!
Following a series of scandals relating the use of capital punishment in Texas, local activists from many organizations will be pressing a campaign to end the pursuit of death sentences in Travis County.

From the Cameron Todd Willingham case, to shoddy forensic science investigations to racial bias in death penalty cases, the death penalty is dead wrong. All of the problems in the use of the death penalty can be found in local cases, like those of Rodney Reed and Louis Castro Perez and the recent cruel and unusual execution of David Lee Powell.

We hope to build a coalition of groups and individuals interested in passing a city council resolution saying that the City of Austin, Texas, does not support the use of the death penalty and asking Travis County District Attorneys to not seek the death sentence in capital cases and to not seek death warrants for Travis County prisoners on death row.

Through a highly visible campaign around this issue, we can not only fight for a city council resolution, but also help to educate our community and have a progressive effect on public opinion in the Austin area on the use of the death penalty.


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