Thursday, November 25, 2010

Be Thankful You're Not On Death-Row

From Texas Moratorium Network

Be thankful you are not here today, a typical cell on Texas death row.

“I experienced the dark side of our criminal justice system, and I just think because of my experience I can bring some light to it,” Graves said. “Whatever you think hell is to you, that was my experience – just hell.”

Graves said he is an example of how the Texas criminal justice system is broken, and he plans on devoting his time as an advocate of change.

“I thought I would be free again because I was innocent,” Graves said. “I was just stubborn in that way, that they’re not going to execute an innocent man – even though I know that’s not true.”

He said there are more innocent people on death row and other innocent people who have already been wrongfully executed.

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