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URGENT CASE UPDATE: Motion Denied for Rob Will. His case is now facing the 5th Circuit with NO lawyer

The information below was posted on Rob Will's blog. He received word this week that his motion has been denied by a federal judge and that his case will now go to the Fifth Circuit. Rob's support team has sent a list of what you can do to help.
Rob Will is an innocent man on Texas death row. He has been an inspiring fighter for justice in the DRIVE movement, often facing physical abuse by prison guards for peaceful protesting the death penalty and prison conditions. Please take a minute to learn about his case, pass on information to others, and drop him a line of solidarity.
Randi Jones Hensley
URGENT CASE UPDATE: Motion Denied for Rob Will. His case is now facing the 5th Circuit with NO lawyer.
It is with a very heavy heart and great sadness that I share with you the Judge issued a ruling in Rob Will's case last January 16, 2012 denying his motion and that leaves us headed to the Fifth Circuit. Robert Gene Will was wrongfully convicted of the murder of a Harris County Deputy in January 2002 and sentenced to death. Robert Will has proclaimed his innocence throughout and continues to do so from his cell on Death Row. Since his conviction a total of 5 new witnesses have come forward and provided sworn affidavits that state Robert Will is not the killer. 

Robert's case has been plagued with problems as a result of the incompetent court-appointed attorneys, as well as the injustice of the Texas judicial system.  His trial attorneys failed to investigate his case, went to trial unprepared and refused Robert the chance to actively participate in his own defense. His state habeas counsel was removed from the list of state approved appeals attorneys after he filed identical appeals for Robert Will and the "Railroad Serial Killer", Angel Maturino Resendiz. Neither appeal mentioned the defendants or their cases and both included incorrect conviction dates. Stephen Bright, president and senior councel of the Southern Center for Human Rights reffered to to Rob’s habeas counsel as "completely incompetent" and the subsequent acceptance of denial of the the Court of Criminal Appeals of Rob's appeal as an unjustified, unconcerned act. "But this poor quality of lawyering -Bright stated before the US House of Representatives- is so common in these courts that they just deny the appeals based on briefs that would not receive a passing grade in a first -year legal writing course." [September 22, 2009]

Rob's federal habeas attorney has also failed to present the available evidence of Robert's innocence. As the federal judge made it very clear in the denied motion Rob Will's case has errors of GRAVE PROPORTION in all its stages. To further add to the frustration, Rob's attorney filed a motion to withdraw as Rob's counsel which was granted by the court. That leaves us with NO attorney as Rob is facing the Fifth Circuit. Robert's case highlights the inadequacies and prejudices of the U.S justice system and in particular the injustice that the poorer members of American society receive.

The clock is ticking and Rob needs our help and support now more than ever. We'll be posting action in the following days, please take part in them! If you want to help, here are some things you can do for now:  

SPREAD THE WORD about Rob, his website, twitter @freerobwill1 and blog Let your friends and family know about Rob and what he is facing. Encourage them to read about his case and to befriend us on facebook You can also change your profile picture and use one of Rob's or of our campaign to create awareness.

Printable material like brochures and Rob's press kit in English, French and German ara available to download in Rob's website  and here too  You can also find them in ourFB albums here

We have also a youtube channel Lethal InjusticeFeel free to share those videos in English, French and German to spread the word about Rob.

If you haven't yet, "like" our NGO in Facebook  Lethal Injustice.

Drop a line to Rob Will and show him your solidarity. If you have never written to Rob Will but would like to take the opportunity to send him a message of support the quickest way (especially since the mail room is holding incoming and outgoing mail) is through JPay. These are emails that can be printed and delivered to him. It is 44 cents per page but it would mean the world to Rob to hear words of solidarity and encouragement. Their website is

If you can, consider giving a donation to help us find him effective representation IMMEDIATELY and continue with Rob's campaign. To help in our efforts to raise funds for his cause check out our web shop! There are solidarity items like the PERSEVERANCE unisex t-shirts with a bold graphic design. These are high quality 100% cotton shirts designed by Dennis Schröder from Supportershirt and printed by DirAction from Hamburg. And they come is all sizes! Or choose among the other items offered there.

We are organizing the next steps to follow and we'll let you know as soon as possible what we can do together. This is by no means the end. The fight goes on!

Thank you for your unwavering  solidarity and support!  

Rob Will's Support Team

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