Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Video: "Warn Them" - The Welfare Poets

Title track from the "Warn Them" album, the latest release from The Welfare Poets.


The Welfare Poets are a collective of activists, educators, and artists together since 1990. Through teaching residencies and workshops, through activism around community struggles and through sharp-edged performances of music that incorporates Hip Hop, Bomba y Plena, Latin Jazz and other rhythms, the Welfare Poets bring information and inspiration to those facing oppression and those fighting for liberation.

"Cruel and Unusual Punishment" is a compilation CD inspired by Hasan Shakur (Derrick Frazier). This warrior struggled not only to save his own life, but the lives of any and everyone on death row in the US. He was unjustly executed by the barbaric state of Texas on August 31, 2006. Cruel and Unusual Punishment was partially made possible by a grant from the Funding Exchange.

On the July 21, 2007 rally to save Kenneth Foster, the Welfare Poets performed in front of the Texas Governor's Mansion.

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