Monday, September 12, 2011

Execution Watch: Steven Woods

                                                                  Steven woods

By Elizabeth Ann Stein
Producer, Execution Watch

Texas is poised to execute Steven Woods Tuesday despite pleas from Amnesty International, and others to commute his sentence to life in prison. 
A letter urging members of Amnesty International to take action cites "serious inconsistencies in prosecution theories," as well as the "inherent unfairness in an outcome where one defendant receives a death sentence and another, who pleaded guilty to personally shooting the two victims, receives a life sentence."

Unless a stay is issued, Execution Watch will provide coverage starting at 6 p.m. Central Time Tuesday, including a 20-minute interview with Woods taped last week for airing if and when his execution is carried out, on KPFT FM 90.1 Houston and at > Listen. Updates and discussion will be on the Execution Watch Facebook page.

STEVEN MICHAEL WOODS, 31, condemned for a double homicide outside Dallas. A co-defendant later admitted killing the couple, saying Woods was present but did not participate. The co-defendant got life in prison; Woods' death sentence was allowed to stand despite the co-defendant's admission. More background at > Backpage on Steven Michael Woods..

Host: RAY HILL, an ex-convict and activist who founded, and hosted for 30 years, the Prison Show on KPFT. His new show may be heard every weekday on at 2 p.m. CT.

Legal Analyst: JIM SKELTON, a legal educator and retired attorney, he’s a native Texan and  iconoclast who has seen capital trials from both the prosecution table and the defense table. His guests may include fellow attorneys SUSAN ASHLEY and LARRY DOUGLAS.

Featured Interview: STEVEN MICHAEL WOODS. With Woods’ permission, volunteer staffers from Execution Watch went to death row and recorded an interview with him. If Woods is executed, the entire unedited, 20-minute interview will air as the featured interview.

Reporter, Death House, Huntsville: GLORIA RUBAC, founder and leader, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement,

Reporter, Vigil, Houston: DAVE ATWOOD, a board member and founder of Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty,

On Thursday, Texas plans to execute DUANE BUCK, despite the racist testimony that helped send him to death row. If it does, Execution Watch will broadcast. Details:

PRODUCER: Elizabeth Ann Stein, eliza.tx.usa
TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Otis Maclay, omaclay
THEME:  By Victoria Panetti, SheMonster International,
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kevin said...

Those Texans are still living in the Middle Age. Live sentence for the killer and death for someone who did not actively participate. I guess only in Texas something like that can happen.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Woods got his anti-crime vaccination tonight. He won't be murdering anybody else in this lifetime.