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Evidentiary Hearing Granted to Evaluate New Evidence Regarding the Actual Innocence of Robert Gene Will

October 19, 2011
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LIVINGSTON, TX –– On October 19, 2011 a limited evidentiary hearing will take place for Robert Will who has resided on Death Row for 9 years. Robert Will has always maintained his innocence and instead declared another man shot Deputy Hill, the police officer Robert Will was sentenced to die for killing in 2002.

Now a new witness has joined the voices of three others who support Robert Will’s innocence claim and have provided affidavits to the courts. This witness will give testimony to the courts on October 19th that they saw the real killer shortly after the shooting with blood on him. The police never investigated the real shooter because he is the son of a police officer. 

Dawn Bremer, the spokesperson for the Robert Will Defense Committee commented on the importance of the developments in the case, “This hearing can open the door to letting the truth finally be brought to light and justice being served not only for Mr. Will, but for Deputy Hill’s family by clearing an innocent man and putting the focus on the real murder.” 

Robert Will’s case is not unique and is in fact very similar to Troy Davis’, the Death Row prisoner who was murdered by the state of Georgia on the night of September 21, 2011. Davis also proclaimed his innocence until the very end and hundreds of thousands of people rallied to his side, here in the United States and around the world. Seven of the nine original witnesses recanted their testimony and no actual evidence exits to tie Davis to the murder of the police officer he was convicted and sentenced to death for killing.

Since 1976 over 130 people have been exonerated from Death Row in the United States despite strict regulations around petitioning for new factual evidence to be reviewed by a jury and judge.

The family of Deputy Barry Hill was devastated by the loss of Mr. Hill. Robert Will’s family, a young son Robert Will hasn't seen since his incarceration in 2000 should not have to suffer that same fate. Someone killed Deputy Hill on December 4th, 2000. Robert Will is not that guy.

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