Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Death Row Blogger's Advice for Life --- Party! (Sort of) -- Houston Press

A Death Row Blogger's Advice for Life
By Eric Rich

Washington Post Staff Writer

As Vernon Evans sat in his cell on Maryland's death row last spring, he had more to ponder than his own execution.

There was the lonely Brazilian who needed his advice, and a fellow from the District whose question deserved a reply, and a global audience tuned in to the wisdom of a man whose life was on the wane.

Evans was blogging from behind bars.

Vernon Lee Evans Jr. -- amateur advice columnist and convicted murderer -- is scheduled to die next month by lethal injection. He is one of the very few death row inmates to have a blog and, activists say, perhaps the only condemned man worldwide to use a blog to take questions from readers.

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Party! (Sort of)
Houston Press

If you're getting yourself ready for spring break this year, forget about packing the beer bong and rubbers. Why head to South Padre to soak up the sun when you can go to Austin for seminars about capital punishment?

That's the thinking of a group called Texas Students Against the Death Penalty, which for the third straight year is hosting an "alternative spring break" that makes up for a lack of fun by adding a big dose of self-righteousness.


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