Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Student Government resolutions

The Lamar University Student Government Association will read, hear public comment on, and vote on a resolution calling for a moratorium on executions in Texas. Aron Agustsson, President of Lamar University Students Against the Death Penalty (LUSADP), authored and brought the resolution forward for consideration.
Over the last few weeks, LUSADP has been sending members out to speak with student organizations and classes to garner support for resolution among students. T J Geiger, a Teaching Assistant in the Lamar University English Department and a member of the Board of Directors for the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, gave the first of these outreach sessions to the campus N.A.A.C.P. on February 1, the opening day of Black History Month.
"We must end the death penalty because it is racially biased," Geiger said. "It's nothing more than a legalized system of lynching. When I think of the days when black bodies were strung up on Southern trees, I understand that a modern version of that goes on today in death chambers when disproportionate numbers of black and brown bodies are strapped to gurneys."
LUSADP has secured the endorsement of 3 student organizations: the NAACP, the African Student Association, and the Black Student Association. They are still in conversation with several other student groups.
Agustsson is in his first year at of study Lamar University and plans to study criminal justice.
For more information, contact:
Mr. Aron Agustsson, President LUSADP, 201-6190
Mr. Jesse Doiron, Advisor LUSADP, 880-8564
Student Government, 409-880-8891
Mr. T J Geiger, NCADP, 880-8568


Do you want to pass a moratorium or abolition resolutions in your City Council or Student Government? If so please take a look at TSADP's project resolution:


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