Friday, February 10, 2006

A video of last year's Spring Break

Last year, Sarah Garrahan, one of the people who attended the 2005 anti-death penalty alternative spring break made a 13 minute video about it. Her video has scenes with several of the people who participated, including Senator Leticia Van de Putte, Rep Harold Dutton, Martha Cotera, Delia Perez Meyer, Ambreen Rahman, Hooman Hedayati, Les Breeding, Gaby Hernandez, Coe Selgestad, Casey Urban, Abe Bonowitz, Lily Hughes, Vanessa Andrade, Juhyung Kim, Carol Byars, Omar Neal, Rachel Penticuff, Robert Grebel, Byron Landry, Scott Cobb, Randi Jones, Chaunte Sterling, Jesse Quackenbush, and others.

Click here to watch the video on Google Video.

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