Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Texas Prosecutor May Go Down

I have posted the video, Another Texas Prosecutor May Go Down, on YouTube with some key words of jailhouse snitch Gary Wayne Harris recanting his testimony which sent Danny Meehan away for 99 years. YouTube is a powerful instrument for drawing attention to a cause, And the cause of the wrongly convicted needs attention.

Harris said that in 1997 while in Orange County Texas Jail, Prosecutor John D. Kimbrough told him that he needed a conviction and he needed it bad to further his career. He then made his dirty deal with Harris, whose parole violation and new charges were dropped, and Harris walked out of jail several days after his lying testimony against Meehan. There are now six witnesses whom Harris told he lied.

When asked if he thought his testimony was the deciding factor in the jury’s finding, Harris, answered, ”I know it was.” He said, “Given the details of the case prior to the trial by Mr. Ellis, uh, in John Kimbrough’s presence, that I repeated during the trial was the end, was the last testimony in the prosecutor’s case, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my testimony was the key testimony that made the jury’s decision.” In the video Harris recants and says that DA Kimbrough's investigator Ellis said, "I want you to look straight at the jury and tell them that Danny (Meehan) told you that he told her, that if he couldn’t have her, if she couldn’t stay with him then nobody else could have her. And then that he shot her point blank." The jury bought this and convicted Danny in less than an hour. And now, Harris says it was all a lie.

This is the story of yet another prosecutor who thinks he can abuse human rights and get away with it. Worldwide attention to this kind of American courtroom injustice could go a long way toward reform. I am contacting every person possible who might show any sympathy whatsoever for the wrongfully convicted and prisoners’ rights to watch the video over and over and pass it along to everyone you know to do the same. If it goes to the top of the YouTube charts then the whole world will notice, and also perhaps some lawmakers will change things.

When this new evidence was presented in a new Writ, Judge Patrick Clark ignored Kimbrough’s wrongdoing completely, denied the Writ, and attempted to hide Kimbrough’s behavior. Clark’s cover-up Order can be seen online.

He then passed it along to Sharon Keller’s (She’s being tried in August) Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which dismissed it without even opening the file. So, either they didn’t see Kimbrough’s dirty tricks or they chose to ignore it. Read full transcript of Harris’ recant.

Now Danny sits there for 99 years. So do many others, wrongly convicted because of prosecutorial misconduct that is hard to fight. Read my affidavit that accompanied the denied Writ.

Complaints are being filed with the Texas Bar Assn. on Kimbrough and the Judicial Committee on Judge Clark. Add Kimbrough to the list of dirty DA’s: Charles Sebesta (former Burleson Texas County DA ), Michael McDougal (former Montgomery County Texas DA) and Chuck Rosenthal (former Harris County DA ). And we can’t forget North Carolina ’s Michael Nifong (who lost his law license and filed bankruptcy).


Don Meehan

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