Friday, May 29, 2009

NM: Protest against the 200th execution under Texas Governor Rick Perry

Fighting in the Frontlines

Working Together to End the Death Penalty

Protest against the 200th execution under Texas Governor Rick Perry

Saturday May 30th 12:00 Noon

Central and Tulane


Christy Armell

Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Albuquerque Chapter


On June 2nd, there will be an execution in Texas. This will be the 200th execution under Texas Governor Rick Perry during his tenure. Governor Perry has signed more death warrants than any other governor in history including former President George Bush.

As many celebrate abolition in New Mexico, we must remember that there are still many men and women sitting on death row in this country; Over 3000 to be exact. As a neighbor to Texas we must stand in unity with activists in that state against state sanctioned murder and we must make Governor Perry understand that the death penalty is not good public policy.

We will protest against the 200th execution in Texas on Saturday May 30th and come together as human beings that understand compassion and forgiveness is what will make our world a better place.

We will come together on behalf of all those who sit on death row day after day waiting to die. We will stand in unity with the families of the condemned whose lives have been forever altered by the death penalty, such as Muina Chamberlain, a resident of New Mexico; whose son was executed in Texas almost one year ago.

It’s time for Texas to join the 15 other states who have chosen to abolish the death penalty.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Countries executing their own citizens in 2006;
1. China (1,010)
2. Iran (177)
3. Pakistan (82)
4. Iraq (65)
5. Sudan (65)
6. US (53).

Thanks for writing articles about death penalty. Your thoughts are very informative. Thanks Lisa

Anonymous said...

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