Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonight in Houston: Lynching Then, Lynching Now

Wednesday, April 14, 7pm,
at the Univ of Houston, Central Campus, University Center
A National Speaking Tour of the CEDP

Panelists include:

Mark Clements -  Police torture victim and former IL juvenile life without parole prisoner

Lily Hughes - Longstanding anti-death penalty activist and CEDP board member

Njeri Shakur - Longstanding anti-death penalty activist and organizer for the Abolition Movement

Marisol Ramirez - Member of the Abolition Movement and wife of Juan Ramirez, sentenced to death under Texas' Law of Parties, even though he kllled no one

Updates: on Hank Skinner, David Powell, Nanon Williams, Mumia's Birthday Celebration and Strategy Meeting, Judge Fine's hearing on DP, Forensic Science Commission Meeting

Presenting the CEDP's National Speaking Tour for 2009 - 2010.  Join this teach-in tour in cities around the country this fall and spring.  This year's tour looks at the historic link between the death penalty and lynching in the United States.  Hear from those who have been freed from death row, activists and scholars on the role of racism in our criminal justice system and why the death penalty and unjust sentencing need to be abolished.

Sponsored by:
The Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP)
The International Socialist Organization (ISO)
The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement (TDPAM) 713-503-2633

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