Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday targeted for 11th Texas execution in 2010

   John Alba with one of his nine grandchildren,
in the death row visiting area of the Polunsky 
prison unit, Livingston, Texas.

By Elizabeth Stein, Producer
Execution Watch, KPFT FM Houston

Texas plans Tuesday make John Alba the 11th man executed in 2010 in the Lone Star State, putting it on track to carry out half of the executions in the United States.

Unless Alba is fortunate enough to receive a stay, Execution Watch will broadcast live coverage from Huntsville, Texas, a discussion of the issues raised by Alba's case, and an in-depth interview that illuminates one aspect of the death penalty. The Execution Watch begins.



"Shining a spotlight on Texas' badge of shame"

May 25, 2010, Tues., 6-7 pm Central Time
Listen on KPFT's HD-2 channel, 90.1 FM Houston, or
Go to www.executionwatch. org at 6 p.m. CT, click on “Listen.”
  JOHN ALBA, 54, was convicted in the 1991 shooting death of his wife, Wendy Alba. He was arrested in Plano, Texas, following a standoff with police in which he held a gun to his head and threatened to pull the trigger. A federal court in 2000 overturned the Plano man's death sentence because a psychologist testified improperly at his trial that jurors should consider the fact that Alba is Hispanic in deciding punishment. Alba had a second punishment trial, at which a Collin County jury imposed the death penalty. (More at www.executionwatch. org > Backpage on John Alba.)

  Host: RAY HILL, an ex-convict who has lost many friends to the death chamber. His civil rights activism has included shepherding several cases to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ray hosts the Prison Show, now in its 31st year, Friday nights on KPFT, www.theprisonshow. org .

  Legal Analyst: ROBERT ROSENBERG, a Houston attorney, has been handling death row cases since the 1980s. He also practices civil rights law and has represented several clients on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union.

  Featured Interview: CRYSTAL HALPRIN, an Austin business owner and wife of death row inmate Randy Halprin, she has made her voice heard at legislative hearings on the Texas law of parties. Texas is one of five states that have laws of parties, which hold accomplices accountable for the actions of killers. Only Texas permits the death penalty for accomplices. (

  Reporter, Death House, Huntsville: GLORIA RUBAC, a leader of the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, which may be followed on Facebook.

   Reporter, Vigil, Houston: TBA.

  On June 2nd, one week from tomorrow, Texas plans to execute GEORGE JONES. If that happens, Execution Watch will broadcast. Details:

  PRODUCER: Elizabeth Ann Stein, steinea
  TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Otis Maclay, omaclay
  THEME MUSIC: “Death by Texas,” Victoria Panetti, www.myspace. com/shemonster

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